Memory Foam Mattress or Gel Mattress?

There are so many different mattress choices, so how do you pick the bed for yourself? The right type of mattress for you depends on your personal preference, type of body and sleep methods. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, so you need to read about the various mattress styles and their advantages before you choose. In addition, memory foam and gel mattresses include various items, depending on your personal choice. For example, an overall body-supporting memory moisture mattress offers little or no movement, whereas a gel mattress may be more relaxed than a foam mattress. Below, we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each mattress type. For more information, visit

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

A foam bed is just that—it is a memory foam or has memory foam layers. It’s like that. Were you aware of NASA’s original space travel memory foam?! They were worried about the comfort of their astronauts, who were under extreme high-speed pressure. The comfort was also top of mind when memory foam was started in mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are perfect for relieving considerable pressures when you are sleeping, particularly in your hips and shoulders. Like the Leesa mattress, your body shape and your sleep position are met by a memory foam mattress contouring your body as you sleep. It keeps the spine right when you are asleep, so the back, hip and shoulder pain can be alleviated. Memory mouse also has very little movement transfer, so you won’t feel like your wife, children or pets coming in or out of bed next to you while you’re in bed.

What Is A Gel Mattress?

A gel mattress is a gel-foam mixture in a mattress. The gel used in a gel mattress is the same material used in cow mattresses—yes, gel mattresses used in cows at times. However, since cows are considerably heavier than people and human beings need not push back as much as cattle, the gel is altered on mattresses: foam is infused with gel in a gel mattress. Memory foam and gel combination offers comfort and supports balance. This is why the gel material is also common in mattress tops and mattress pads. Many people want to spring a gel mattress, a.k.a. how soon after you get up, the mattress returns to its original form. Gel mattresses can also be a more relaxed alternative to sleep, although there are concerns that the cooling effect wears off with time. Not to mention, a gel mattress also has a far higher price than a conventional memory foam mattress.

What Type of Mattress Is Best for Me?

A memory mattress can support the body when you are sleeping without the squeaks, creaks and squeaks of a typical spring mattress. When you sleep, a memory foam mattress decreases the tension you’ll need to get the rest of the stress on the stresses, including the shoulder and hip. Our hybrid mattress blends the memory foam with the bundled pocket fountains for a superior luxury look and support. The foam in the memory offers a bounce and body contour, while the pocket fountains conform to your style of sleep and body shape.